Hi, i’m DiscusCare,

As you should already know, I love discus and I believe it’s the most rewarding fish of freshwater aquariums.
Everything began for me when I first heard about this fish called The King of Fresh Water!
Years ago when I got my very first aquarium I started with Oscars just like my friends. It was a cool fish but it wasn’t really satisfying for me. I guess I needed more challenges and more rewards. Then I got to know about discus and attracted by their beautiful colors and beautiful, larger body shapes. But I was told, “Keeping Discus Is Hard!”.
I got them anyway and then faced tons of questions about how to keep them, feed them and grow them and everyone was only giving me kind of  “It’s A Secret” answer, and I hated it.
I started searching using those poor dial-up internet connections every night, and everything I learned made me love this fish!
Along the way, I made a lot of mistakes. I’ve accidentally killed, hurt and damaged more discus than I care to remember trying to find the best methods of keeping, growing and breeding every kind of discus from Hybrids to Wilds. For every discus I’ve unintentionally hurt, I’ve kept hundreds more alive and thriving and I know you can do it, too!
That’s why I created this site, so you can save your discus from the same mistakes I did with mine or help them recover, if necessary.
Check out my experiences and knowledge on DiscusCare.com.